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What are the advantages of webcam?

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1. The webcam scans line by line.

The network camera adopts progressive scanning without reverse crossing. Assuming that the driver of the car is a thief, in the case of rapid movement, interlaced scanning can not record any characteristics of the thief. The key components of the monitoring system are the front section monitoring camera and storage device. The monitoring lens is different from the image encoding and decoding, and has different effects.

2. Megapixel high definition surveillance video.

Network control camera can reach 2 million pixels or even higher resolution, 3 million, 4 million, 5 million, 8 million, 12 million HD, 1080p Full HD is no longer a hot topic, now it has entered the 4K era (3840 × 2160), with the development of h.265 and other related new technologies, while improving the network monitoring camera pixels, it also improves the vertical resolution of the picture, so that the details and layers of the picture can be improved The second sense is stronger. With the special wide-angle monitoring lens, it can achieve a larger monitoring range, display more detailed features of the picture, and have a better viewing experience.

3. Network monitoring zero line.

High definition network monitoring with network transmission mode not only solves the problem of monitoring transmission distance, but also solves the problem of wiring. The network cable integrates the video cable, audio cable, power cable and control cable into one transmission. The wireless switch, wireless router (with bridge function) and other equipment are used to realize wireless transmission. The wireless microwave transmission (typical application: Elevator wireless monitoring) makes the network monitoring solution more flexible and convenient, and saves wire and construction cost.

4. High definition and intelligent network.

Therefore, we can make full use of the computer's fast processing ability to compress, analyze, store and display the video image. Through the intelligent analysis of the video, we can find the abnormal situation in the monitoring image, and give an alarm in the fastest way to provide useful information, so as to more effectively help the security personnel to deal with the crisis, and to a certain extent, reduce the false positives and omissions Elephant. Intelligent analysis is the development direction of future monitoring market, and intelligent analysis based on HD monitoring can play its due role.

5. Remote real-time monitoring on the network.

Online high-definition monitoring system can achieve the purpose of remote monitoring, whether it is using local WiFi or remote 3G / 4G network, as long as it is possible to access the Internet, it can access the camera through IP address or account password network monitoring. Monitoring management can be strengthened in the commercial field, and remote home video call can be carried out in the civil field.


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