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Design of motion camera with visual beauty

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The first low-cost digital 35mm camera, which allows your old analog photo camera to take the effect of a digital camera, take it out of the shelf or box, and start taking digital photos and videos!

Design of motion camera

Based on the full market research, combined with the functional analysis of the product, we determined the direction of the design. On the basis of maintaining the original style of the film camera, we added some new scientific and technological elements, and combined the traditional and modern, giving people a refreshing fashion aesthetic feeling. The creative inspiration of product appearance design comes from the old "motor driver", simple and modern style, and the modeling conforms to ergonomics, with better visual beauty and operation experience.

Design of motion camera

The difficulty of product design is that if you want to add the function of digital camera to the old camera, but also keep the overall style of the old camera, powerful camera, the most important thing is to keep the old camera's toggle operation method, and add the function of digital camera on the basis of the toggle operation method. After a week of continuous trial and verification, we tried dozens of solutions, and then we successfully overcome this difficulty and smoothly let the project continue.


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