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The camera is used as a computer camera to create super HD live broadcast, video conference and onli

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Show you how to use a mobile phone as a computer camera. In fact, in terms of daily use, it has already had a very good experience.

But you have higher requirements for the video quality, or if you have a camera in your hand, if you can use the picture of the camera

As a computer camera, it will have a better visual experience.

No more nonsense. Let's get to the point. My camera here is Sony's A6100, which was not long ago, half a year ago

Sony launched the software imaging edge webcam

Software address:

If you can use your camera directly as a computer camera, I have a look at other camera manufacturers. There are also software that offers this feature.



You can go to their official website

The function of this software, I understand, is to install a "camera driver" program on your computer, so that your computer can call the camera.

At present, there are many models that can be used. Basically, the machines in the past five or six years are OK. Further away, like the a5100 is OK

Unfortunately, the a6000 and a5100 are of the same generation at the same time, and the positioning of the a6000 is higher than that of the a5100

At the same time, the number of a6000 in the market is larger than that of a5100. Let's see if Sony's later software updates will increase.

The use of the software is very simple. After it is installed on the computer

Adjust the settings in the camera according to the instructions on the official website

I just need to turn off the smartphone control in the menu and set it to "computer remote control" in the USB connection

Then connect the camera and the computer to the data cable, and then we click here

Select the video capture device, there will be Sony camera, and then click OK to complete.

The advantage of using a camera as a computer camera is that compared with a mobile phone, it reduces the trouble of paying to remove the watermark

At the same time, because the camera can replace the front lens, for example, my lens has a maximum aperture of f1.4, so it also has better brightness performance in relatively dim scenes. For example, there are DJs that need to be broadcast live in bars, etc.

Finally, I would like to add

If your camera brand or model does not support this software, for example, Sony a6000 can buy a video capture card to solve this problem.

The price of video capture card ranges from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan


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