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Analysis of elevator Internet of things remote monitoring system

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Elevator remote monitoring system

1. Signal acquisition and transmission

Elevator remote monitoring system uses the excellent characteristics of network settings, combined with network protocol communication technology, to send the data collected from the front end to the back-end host, to achieve the data receiving, storage and analysis.

1.1 data acquisition

Signal acquisition follows the law of Naquist, that is, sampling law. The sampling frequency should be more than 2 times of the maximum frequency of the effective signal in the signal, so that the digital signal obtained by this sampling method can save the information of the original signal. Sampling formula: fs.max >The last step of Fmax A / D sampling is coding. After the discrete value is quantized, the result is expressed by computer binary coding. This is the coding process. The signal becomes digital signal through this coding process.

1.2 network data transmission

In the communication network, the remote communication between processes is mainly in C / S mode, that is, sending data requests to the server through a specific client, and the server feeds back the data processing results after receiving the requests. There are two requirements for client / Server Mode: 1. Due to the inconsistency of information quantity, software and hardware resources, and processing capacity, resources must be shared; ② The communication between the two sides is asynchronous, which can only be realized by remote communication, and can not use the shared memory mechanism.

The figure below shows the network communication OSI model of elevator remote control system based on TCP / IP protocol of Internet of things GPRS and client / server (C / s) mode.

Internet of things GPRS elevator remote control system

In order to make the operation and management of elevators more reasonable, standardized and scientific, domestic and foreign manufacturers have applied audio and video control technology, industrial automatic control technology and wireless transmission technology to develop and apply the technologies to track elevator operation status, analyze elevator operation data, alarm signal transmission, real-time video monitoring image transmission, audio and video intercom, and so on The elevator safety operation monitoring system realizes remote centralized monitoring and management by computer.

The system consists of two parts: related hardware and management software. The hardware part of the system consists of field data monitoring unit, wireless communication transmission unit and monitoring center computer. The management mode of decentralized collection and centralized control is adopted. Provide users with basic information management, real-time monitoring, fault alarm, fault record, maintenance reminder, maintenance record, fault statistics, maintenance statistics, electronic bulletin and industry news services.

Field data monitoring unit: it is used to collect various monitoring data of elevator under various states, such as speed, load, number of floors, door state, top rush fault, squatting fault, etc., and execute various instructions issued by the control center.

Wireless communication transmission unit: use Sixin GPRS IP modem f2x03 to access the Internet through GPRS / CDMA / EVDO and other networks, and establish a link with the server of the monitoring center to provide a transparent data channel for data transmission. Realize the networking of elevator equipment and multi center transmission of field data.

Monitoring center: manage the data of each terminal elevator, judge the operation and maintenance status of the elevator through comprehensive analysis, issue various control instructions for the elevator in fault status, issue corresponding control instructions for the elevator with potential safety hazards, and inform relevant maintenance personnel to maintain in time. Provide application platform, provide users with B / s access mode, property, maintenance, supervision, users can access through the Internet, can also use smart phones, pad and other mobile terminals through 3G access.


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